The Secret To Playing Tension Free Golf

What is the secret to playing tension free golf?

The answer may seem too simple to be true. But it is. The secret to playing tension free golf is to breathe! Honest.

Imagine you’ve just hit a really bad shot into the woods, or into the lake, or into the deepest pot bunker on the golf course. You suddenly feel tense, frustrated and probably angry at yourself for being such a klutz! What can you do? You’ve got to keep going. You’ve got to play the next shot. But if you don’t control the tension and frustration, that next shot is going to be worse than the first.

We’ve all been there. At least 80% of golf is played between your ears. You’ve got to get over the bad shot and move on. But how?

Nancy Boyle, Yoga InstructorA few weeks back I was talking with a good friend and yoga instructor, Nancy Boyle. She specializes in working with golfers and she had some very good advice on how yoga can really help golfers get over those bad shots. We recorded our conversation and you can listen to it here, or download it to your desktop or mobile device to listen later.

Have a question? You can reach Nancy directly at:

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