Three More Steps to A Healthy Golf Season!

Golf Season is just around the corner here on Cape Cod, but if it is already in full swing where you are the following good advice still applies.

Get healthy and stay healthy for your golf season with these three simple steps from our golf fitness guru, Kathy Ekdahl of

In a previous blog post we encouraged all of you to focus on the first three steps to a healthier you.

  1. drink a lot more water
  2. commit to 15 minutes of exercise every day
  3. rid your home of “big ticket” unhealthy foods such as soda, high fat/high refined carbos and sweets.

In this post, we add three more steps to guarantee you a healthy golf season!

  1. The first new habit to begin is food logging. I know, I know…. it is a pain, and it is time consuming to do food logs, but research is so clear on it’s importance. You are 60-70% more likely to be successful with weight loss if you log your foods! The National Registry for Weight Loss lists this one habit as the most important habit for success. When logging, please be completely truthful with yourself, or anyone else looking at the logs. What good is it to lie to yourself? Keep a log of all foods, all drinks, times you eat, amounts of foods you eat, and even how you are feeling before and after you eat. This can help you identify when you are eating for hunger, and when you are eating for emotion or boredom.
  2. Secondly, make appointments for yourself for your exercise sessions on your i-phone, wall calendar or appointment book.  Write/type in the time you will exercise, and then, once the session is over, record what you did. Over time, you’ll be so pleased to see your commitment that it will inspire you further.
  3. Lastly, begin to look for ways to get extra movement in during the day. This seems so cliché, but it’s just math… the vast majority of our calories are burned not from exercise, but from our day-to-day activities. If you sit all day at a desk for work, and then workout ½ hour- you’ll make little or no headway. But, if you walk extra steps during the day, take the stairs, park farther away at the store, this can make a huge difference. I recommend my clients wear pedometers as a way to track daily steps and overall movement.

Add these new habits to the first three. These are little steps that can make a big difference.

Have a fitness question? Add it to the comment section below or visit our golf fitness page to ask Kathy Ekdahl.

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