Tiger Woods Has Bad Golf Days Too

I love to watch Tiger Woods play golf. He seems to play with so much ease, as if he is just out for a lovely stroll, occasionally smacking a ball a few hundred yards down the golf course fairway. Of course it’s not true. It only looks easy for Tiger Woods because he works so hard practicing.

But even the great Tiger Woods has a bad day or two. This year, though the overwhelming favorite going into the British Open, he failed to make the cut.

“It was just problem after problem,” said Woods. “I hit some bad tee shots, a couple of bad iron shots, didn’t get it up and down…I kept making mistake after mistake.”

On the back nine of the Alisa Course in Turnberry, Scotland, he made two double bogeys and ended  with a 4-over 74. Not enough to move forward in this most prestigious of golf tournaments.

Should I feel better because Tiger failed? Not at all. But it does put the game of golf in perspective. It is a very demanding game, and even the very best players do not succeed every time they head out for the links.

Tiger’s momentary slump teaches me to not take my game so seriously. Tomorrow is a new day, a new course, a new opportunity to do a little better and make the cut next time.

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