Is it Time to Trade In Your Old Golf Clubs?

Trade in your golf clubs.It’s late August and here on Cape Cod a lot of the golf clubs are beginning to get ready for fall. We’re lucky our weather is so mild at this time of year that we’ll be playing until late November. A lot of the golf stores are announcing major sales on both equipment and apparel. It’s a great time to get a great deal. But what do you do with those golf clubs that you no longer use? I know I have one or two that have stayed in the trunk of my car all summer and it’s time to decide. Either put it back in my bag and try it again, give it away to my nephew (that wouldn’t work as he’s about a foot taller than I am and needs a much longer shaft) or do I try and sell the club?

If you have old golf clubs that you no longer use and want to sell, check out the PGA Value Guide website. It’s easy to use.

  • Find out how much your golf club is worth
  • Select the brand, the model and the condition and specs
  • Get a value $$$ and add your club to Trade.

You’ll get a shipment label ready to print. You are responsible to package and ship the clubs (free shipping if your trades total more than $99). Ship the clubs and within a week or so, a check for the full amount will be in your mailbox.

I’ve used the service and found it to be simple and easy to use. Made $$$ on clubs that were just hanging about and hadn’t been used in years.

So check your cellar, garage or backyard shed! Collect clubs from your friends and go in all together on a trade. (Remember if your total is over $99, shipping is free.)

If you really want to be ambitious you can start trolling local flea markets for old golf clubs. Sometimes you’ll find a treasure.

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