Tips on Choosing the Right Golf Club for Your Game

A year ago I decided I needed to expand the selection of golf clubs in my bag. Everyone was talking about hybrids… they look like fairway woods, but hit like irons, — supposedly easier to control. I didn’t have a 4-iron, so I decided to go for that one. I went to a local golf equipment store (which will remain nameless for good reason as you will see in a moment) and asked to see their selection of hybrid clubs.

The salesperson may have just been having a bad day—who knows. But he gave me no time at all. Pointing to a rack on the other side of the showroom he said, “That’s what we got.” And he left me to make my own way. It was a big mistake. I knew nothing about hybrids, just the rumors I had heard. I needed assistance and didn’t ask for it. Picking up one club after another, I tested the length, weight, balance and finally selected one club because as I told the salesman when he finally came over, “I like the color.” “Well, that’s important,” he answered. “You have to like the look if you’re going to play well with the club.” Many dollars less in my pocket I left the store with a 4 hybrid club I could never hit. After repeated attempts I buried it in my bag and seldom pulled it out.

This spring, the local golf course had a demo day and I attended, determined to get the right advice and test the golf clubs before I bought another one that didn’t fit my style or swing. I lucked out. All the salespeople were eager to help me find the right club. They gave tips on selection, and offered a variety of clubs from which to choose. My final choice was a Callaway 4 hybrid that works for me. I use it several times in every round I play.

Lesson to learn: If you’re going to buy clubs, go to the right place, ask the right questions and demand the attention you deserve. Your game depends on it. If you buy online, be sure to deal with a reputable manufacturer that promises a full refund if you are not 100% satisfied.

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