How to Track and Improve Your Golf Performance with Shot Scope

If you want to improve your golf game in the future, you need to know how you are playing today. You can keep track of your game in a golf journal but for those who have trouble remembering every shot you played, which club you used and how far the ball traveled… and remember it and in the proper order, waiting until the end of a round to write it all down can be a bit of a pain.

But what if you could track every shot you play as you play it? Know which club you used, and keep track of the distance each shot traveled? It’s a no pain way to record and improve your performance, and Shot Scope can do it for you!


How does it work?

ShotScope is easy to set up. First, charge the wristband (takes a couple of hours), and set up an online account at Screw the supplied tags into the grip of each of your clubs. ShotScope supplies 20 tags marked with the number for each club and a few blanks for those additional wedges you might have in your bag. (They do no damage to the grip and are easily removed.) When you are ready to play, put on the adjustable wristband (it’s comfortable for both right and left handed golfers) and head out to the golf course.

You don’t have to do anything else except play your game. The ClubSense technology inside the wristband “senses” the tag during the swing and is sophisticated to sense when you are taking a practice swing or a real shot! (Don’t ask me how!) The one manual operation that is required is to input the number of putts you take at the end of each hole.

It truly is all automated. After the round you simply synch your wristband with your online account using the free apps that are available for both Android and iOS.

Then study your round, find out the exact distance for each club and track your improvement.

A few weeks ago the folks at ShotScope asked me to review their product. I tested it myself in a couple of rounds and then passed it on to a second golfer who plays more often and has a low handicap.

Here’s our feedback:

>>> I found the system easy to use and set up. The wristband was comfortable to wear but took some getting used to. The tags did their job, recording each of my swings without my taking any further action. The only drawback was my forgetting to put in the number of putts at the end of each hole. That threw off my total score. After I uploaded my round using the ShotScope App it was easy to correct later.

>>> My friend Jack who also used the system, had some additional feedback. Even though he’s a computer whiz he had some difficulty with the online setup as the instructions did not include system requirements. Though it all worked once he had upgraded, it would have been better to know before he installed the app.

His feedback after three rounds with ShotScope: No problems wearing the band, or inserting the tags. But he, too, had trouble forgetting to input the number of putts played after each hole.

“It gave erroneous results when I forgot to inputt my putts. The software had me hitting a 9 iron 293 yards and make putts from 50-50 yards.  The recap of the round when synced to my computer appeared to be only about 75% accurate.”

Bottom Line: the product is good but could use some improvement, especially re: putting issue. Price of $220 seems a little high for the average recreational golfer, but for a young golfer trying to improve his or her game, it might be a buy.



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