This Is One Golf Cart That Stands Out! Or Should I Say Up?

Like many golfers, I prefer to walk the golf course when I play. Yes, a golf cart is great on those really hilly courses, or when the humidity hits 90% on those hot summer days, but most of the time I prefer to walk and use a walking golf cart.

For the past few years I was happy to pull my clubs along behind me. I had a two wheeled cart that was light enough and except on the steeper inclines, it wasn’t a problem. But it was never easy. My bag was set in the cart at a funny angle, and no matter how I tried to arrange and rearrange the clubs, they always seemed to jam together and get tangled. It was a bear to pull them out each time, even though my bag has those long dividers. I noticed that a lot of my golf partners had four wheel carts they pushed. Seemed a lot easier to push than pull. But they still had the same problem with their bags sitting at a 50 degree angle.

So I started shopping around for a new cart.

When I was in Ireland last year I used one of those auto remote carts that ran ahead of me as I sauntered along. It was a lot of fun and so easy to use. Now that would be a treat to have one of those! But when I checked on the prices, the best carts were beyond my budget and I didn’t want to spend a lot on a battery powered cart that ended up as a piece of junk a few years from now.

Scanning the internet I finally found a cart that solved my problem. It’s light, easy to push, has four wheels that really help to keep the cart stable on inclines, and best of all, it holds the golf bag straight up and down so the clubs never get tangled. It’s easy to pull them right up and out. It’s called the Upright Caddie RASR 4-Wheel Golf Push Cart.

I have to admit, the cart got noticed. The first few times I used it on the golf course I got a couple of curious looks, but once I showed how easy it is to use and how light it is to push, the skeptics became more interested.

I recently spoke with Andy DeCarlo, the inventor of the Upright Caddy and he tells me the cart is in high demand. He’s having a hard time keeping up with all the orders. It comes in black, blue or red and there are lots of extras you can order if you wish: umbrella holder, GPS holder, even a basket and space for your own cooler.

It’s a great golf cart. And the price is right. The Upright Caddie RASR 4-Wheel Golf Push Cart is available at for only $139.95.

. . . . .

Do you prefer to walk or ride the golf course? If you walk, do you push or pull your cart, or are you lucky to have a battery powered flying machine?

  1 comment for “This Is One Golf Cart That Stands Out! Or Should I Say Up?

  1. PKdoyle
    August 9, 2012 at 7:28 am

    I saw one of these carts at my club the other day. It really was drawing a crowd. I like the way the clubs stand straight up. It is easy to pull them out.

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