What To Pack For a Five Day Golf Vacation?

Packing for a Golf Vacation is often a challenge.

I’m heading out early tomorrrow to visit and play golf at five fabu West Virginia Golf Resorts. Today I am dragging my suitcases out of storage and doing a last minute wash. Just got the itinerary. Every day is packed with golf, dining and travel on the luxury coach bus that will bring us through the hills of eastern West Virginia. There isn’t a lot of time for spas, pedicures or seaweed wraps. (I had one of those once at Amelia Island in Florida… Fabulous! — if you ever get a chance, go for it…. but I digress.)

packing for golf vacationThe big question is what should I pack? Of course I need my camera, and my notebook and my iPad and even my digital recorder to capture my thinking. This is after all a media tour and I have to write reviews! But there won’t be a lot of time to write it all down and publish a post… that will wait a bit, but I can talk my way through and then record my thoughts in this blog at the end of each day. If I don’t do that there’s a chance each day will run into the next and my impressions will get muddled.

So that’s the technology handled. But what about clothes? I need a golf outfit for each day, and then something nice to wear to dinner each evening… lunch will be “off the course”… so don’t have to worry about that look. But I need one upscale outfit for dining at Greenbrier.

Here on Cape Cod we are going through that awkward time when cold weather clothes are good for early morning tee times, but are too much by the time you’re half way through a round of golf. West Virginia temps are going to be similar. 50 degrees in the early morning and 75 or 80 by lunch time. Bringing clothes that can be layered would be smart. It means packing more clothes, but better to have more than not enough. I’ve just gone through all my shirts and shorts and skorts and still need to fill in a few blanks. So last minute shopping later today is required.

What about golf shoes? I’ve got two pairs, I guess I should bring both… just in case one gets soaked in a brook! And of course, golf balls, and a couple of gloves, my visor, tees, all those bits and pieces that I stuff in my golf bag. And my clubs of course. A couple of years ago I bought a great golf travel bag, and it’s big enough to allow for some extra things – including my pillow. People laugh, but I can’t sleep unless I have my own pillow. Hotel pillows might be soft, but nothing is quite so comforting than my old feather pillow I can scrunch up each night. I stuff the pillow into the top of my golf bag as extra protection for my clubs. I get to take my pillow along and my clubs are guaranteed a soft landing just in case the bag gets tossed around in the cargo bay of the plane.

I’m off to make a list and pack. I head to the airport early Sunday.

And who else is on this tour bus heading to these fabu courses? I’ll let you know that tomorrow.

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