Which Golf Club is Best For Your Game?

There are so many golf clubs to choose from – how do you know which is the best for your golf game? Guest author, Nick Stanley, shares his insights here, but no matter which club you choose, golfgurls.com recommends you get yourself fitted properly for clubs. More on this in a later post.

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Picking the Best Graphite Golf Clubs
By Nick Stanley

As compared to steel golf clubs, graphite golf clubs allow golfers to hit the ball straighter and get more distance on their shot. With this power, graphite golf clubs are great for all those who are new to the game as it allows them to improve their shots without any embarrassment. As graphite is much stronger than steel, a golfer might be able to hit the ball at least 20 yards longer than with a steel club.

At the same time, since graphite shafts are about 60 grams lighter than steel shafts, the golfer is able to hit his shot with greater accuracy. The key in hitting the ball further with a graphite golf club is the orderly swinging action of the club along with a comfortable grip. There are many golfers who think that by merely choosing a graphite golf club, one is able to get an “unfair” advantage. However, it is not just any golf club that determines what distance can get covered, but the type of golf club selected that matters.

When selecting a graphite shaft golf club, you should always make sure to get one that has a lower degree of torque. This “torque” determines what will be the resistance level to any twisting of the golf club during the downswing momentum. This torque is mentioned in degrees and lower the degree of torque, the less will be the movement of the golf club during the downward swing while higher the degree value, the more the golf club will get affected.

Also remember that different graphite shafts are made from different types of fibers. Some graphite fibers are stronger, more durable and stiffer than others. In other words, the torque in some graphite shafts can range from 7 or 8 degrees to a mere 1 degree. In steel golf clubs, this torque degree ranges only between 2 to 4 degrees. In other words, steel shafts offer greater resistance against wind and downswings. So when selecting graphite clubs, one should keep in mind the type of resistance wanted. A lower degree would be more beneficial, although there are some golfers who prefer lesser resistance in their graphite golf clubs.

Another important factor to consider when picking out graphite shaft golf clubs is the type of material used in the construction. As some graphite shafts are much stronger than others, it means that these shafts will be less prone to wear, tear or cracking and at the same time, there would be less peeling away of the layers of the graphite shafts.

In the choice of graphite or steel golf clubs, most women prefer graphite as these golf clubs are much lighter to maneuver and handle. When buying ladies graphite golf clubs, women should remember to first test out the golf club to make sure that its suits their comfort level and feel. At the same time when picking graphite shaft golf clubs, women should enquire as to what would be the best suited torque level for all their needs. For most golfers, a torque degree of about 3.5 to 5.5 degrees would be very advantageous as they need not have to worry about any shaft fitting problems.

Nick Stanley has been golfing for years. Find out more about graphite golf clubs

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