Would You Play With This Magic Golf Ball?

magic golf ballAre you superstitious? Do you have a favorite golf ball marker that brings you luck when you play a tough tournament? A special golf towel? A “Magic” Golf Ball that you never seem to lose no matter how many times you drive the ball into the fescue?

I just returned from a wonderful golf adventure in Alabama. Played three great courses along the shores of Orange Beach: Kiva Dunes, Craft Farms and Pennisula. This was a return trip for me. (Read all about my first Alabama Adventure in this post: Absolutely Alabama.) Joined by 15 fellow golfers from the Boston area, I looked forward to enjoying three days of golf and southern hospitality in the Yellowhammer state. (Nicknamed after the state bird.)

One of the games we played is called “Fairway Fives.” Easy to play, very simple and a good game when playing with a group of golfers of different skill levels. The goal is to drive the fairway with your tee shot, and then make the fewest number of putts. Scoring is simple as well. Drive the fairway, get 5 points. (Doesn’t matter if you hit 250 yards, or 10… if your ball lands on the fairway, you get 5 points! Then simply deduct the number of putts it takes you to hole out and that’s your score!) Winner is the golfer with the highest number of points.

I hit my drive towards a muddy brook! Heard a “splush” sound and was convinced the ball was lost. But!!! when I drove up the fairway there it was, my yellow ball sitting proudly, waiting on my next shot. I was so relieved I didn’t pay close attention to the markings. Just walked up to the ball and hit again. It was only when I was a foot or so off the green, that I realized the ball was a Callaway. Nuts!!! It wasn’t my ball. I only play Titleist! The ball was covered with mud and looked as if it had landed in the muck. Somehow it had escaped the brook and popped back onto the fairway, waiting for me to find it.

Woman golfer puttingWas I disqualified from the game? Normally, hitting the wrong golf ball has dire consequences, but as our game had few rules and none applied to my situation, I kept on going and chipped the ball right into the hole!!!

I’m convinced, the ball must have had magical properties. Not only did it survive a ricochet out of the the brook, a crack and a skid, but it chipped in for a “0” putt. Happy Days! I’m keeping it on my desk to remind me that anything is possible in the game of golf. 🙂

Have you ever kept a special ball that survived your game? It’s good to have a few inspirational treasures to remind you that magic can happen on the golf course.

As for the rest of the golf trip, it all went smoothly. Enjoyed the food, the drink, the resort, the people and, of course, the golf. Alabama is a great location for a great golf vacation.

Played Alabama golf? Share your memories in the space below.


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