You Want to Play A Challenging Course? Try Tobacco Road, NC For One Crazy Round of Golf

If you’re looking for a challenge, look no further than Tobacco Road in Sanford, North Carolina! – Special Travel Packages Available!

This is one wild trip of a golf course. I played it a couple of years ago and it has got to be one of the most challenging but totally fun courses I have ever played. Ranked #4 public course by Golf World, it was built on an old sand pit, and every fairway is surrounded by oversized bunkers. More often than not you are hitting from sand onto very narrow fairways. (Local rules allow you to ground your club in the sand which gives some relief, but otherwise normal rules apply.) It’s easy to lose your confidence on this course. Every shot, and I mean every shot is a challenge. During our round, the course rangers often stopped to give us advice as to where to hit the next ball to greatest advantage. Nothing was obvious or easy to calculate. One ranger observed, “This course was designed by Mike Strantz, a great guy, but a little unconventional. We all think he was smoking something other than cigarettes when he designed this course!” I could not agree more.

From their website “If you are looking for golf that is breath-taking, exhilarating and fascinating you need look no further than the great Tobacco Road. The magnificent beauty of our course has led to many accolades. We guarantee your trip around The Road will be an unforgettable experience, and the highlight of your golfing year. You will want to bring your camera to capture forever the scenic beauty of Tobacco Road. You¹ll also want to bring along your best game as this thrilling course will test you to your golfing limits.”

Right now, Tobacco Road is offering a special travel package: 3 Rounds and 2 Nights for only $433 / person. This is a great deal. If you’ve got the time, and you want a challenge, then make this trip happen. You will not be disappointed. Click here for more details.

… And for those of you who have played Tobacco Road — any advice is welcome!

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