23 Things You Didn’t Know About Jim Furyk


Guest post from Carolyn Heller of GolfDepend’s.

The only PGA Tour pro who shot 2 sub-60 rounds! His unique yet super-reliable swing surely isn’t a part of the things you didn’t know about Jim Furyk…

This long-standing professional player has won way too many PGA Tour titles, that’s Jim Furyk! Ask any golfer who has had the privilege of playing golf with him, and they’ll tell you all about his unusual yet 100-percent natural, effective swing.

It’s been described as “an octopus falling out of a tree” by former pro golfer David Feherty when he played with Jim Furyk for the first time.

Then there’s Justin Leonard too (12 PGA Tour wins, including the 1997 Open Championship) who, also when played golf for the first time with Jim Furyk, thought that his swing was quite different. He thought maybe that’s how they teach golf swing in Pennsylvania, which is where Jim is from.

But soon he noticed something extraordinary – Furyk successfully managed to swing his club up and then down in the most effortless and easiest manner. And as has turned out quite evidently, Jim Furyk’s funky-looking golf swing has done anything but lead him down the path that travels in the opposite direction of fame and glory.

So how about we get to know a little more about this PGA Tour personality who proved that you don’t need to swing your golf club the traditional or conventional way to make it to the world’s top 10 golfers list.

All That Should or Wants to Be Known About Jim Furyk

1. Westchester, Pennsylvania is where Jim Furyk was born and brought up. And now he resides in Florida (Ponte Vedra Beach).

2. Mike Furyk, his father, also a PGA professional, was Jim’s only golf swing instructor.

3. Speaking of his father, Mike Furyk was part-Hungarian and part-Ukrainian. While his mother has a mixed ancestry from Poland and the Czech Republic. So Jim’s part-European.

4. Jim Furyk began his professional career as a golfer in 1992.

5. Tabitha, Jim’s wife, met him during the Ohio-based 1995 Memorial Tournament. That’s where she studied, at Ohio State University.

6. Jim Furyk has 2 children – namely, Tanner and Caleigh.

7. Olympia Fields Country Club (Chicago, Illinois) is his favorite golf course. That’s where he achieved his one and only major championship – 2003 U.S. Open.

8. Let’s keep aside what he did in 2003, Jim Furyk was under par at the age of 9 itself. His first time shooting under par was when he was just a kid!

9. In 2010, he was awarded the title of the PGA Tour Player of the Year after securing multiple wins at Verizon Heritage, Transitions Championship, and TOUR Championship.

10. The third golfer in the history of U.S. Team, after Tiger Woods and also Phil Mickelson, to be a member of 7 Presidents Cups, that’s Jim Furyk indeed. Back in 2015, he stood at the 5th position and was still in shape for that year’s October event, which was his eighth appearance.

11. With 17 PGA Tour victories, Furyk takes the 3rd position on the money-list of PGA Tour (earning over $71 million).

12. Due to a very unfortunate wrist surgery that repaired his cartilage damage back in 2004, Jim missed 3 whole months of the year’s PGA Tour season.

13. Also, did you know that he is only the 6th PGA Tour player for shooting 59? This happened during 2013’s BMW Championship, the second round.

14. And then later in 2016, Jim Furyk was the first who shot 58. That was during the 2016 Travelers Championship, which means he has managed to break 60 TWICE on Tour!

15. Jim and Tabitha Furyk Foundation – the Furyks started this charity for local communities in the year 2010 to help needy children and families.

Jim & Tabitha Furyk

16. And for this very foundation, Darius Rucker, Jim’s favorite musician, performed at their Furyk & Friends Celebrity Concert to raise money.

17. Speaking of favorites, Pittsburgh Steelers is Furyk’s #1 sports team. He actually attended, as a guest, the induction event of Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2015.

18. As mentioned in the introduction, former professional golfer David Feherty described the unique swing so naturally and consistently produced by Jim Furyk as “an octopus falling out of a tree.”

His awkward-looking golf swing may not be visually appealing but that unorthodox, homegrown swing of his has certainly transformed his whole professional career.

[YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHDGq8os1GQ]

19. He has played on 9 Ryder Cup teams and has even captained one of them.

20. Oh, let’s go way back for a second. The University of Arizona is where Jim Furyk completed his graduation. And this is where, in 1997, he became a part of the university’s Sports Hall of Fame. Furyk was also responsible for leading their team to acquire its very first NCAA win in the year 1992, along with being a two-time All American as well.

21. His nicknames include “The Businessman” and “The Grinder” simply because he has a very vigorous work ethic.

22. His putting technique has been ‘cross-handed’ for the entire span of his golfing life.

23. And last but not the least, https://jimfuryk.com/ is his very own platform where he talks about the golf equipment he uses, what equipment others should be using based on their handicap, swing speed, etc. (for instance, this list of the top most forgiving drivers for beginners), and also his expert golfing instructions like how to organize your golf bag, how to decide between blades and cavity back irons, and lots more.


Jim Furyk, despite his not-so-conventional golf swing, is as open, during impact, as just about any other Tour player. Because if that wasn’t the case, Furyk would be missing his shots miles to the right.

On top of that, it’s amazing just how this very talented and hard-working man’s body has not changed throughout the most part of his golfing career. He is still such a flexible and fast-speed player!

Guest post from Carolyn Heller of GolfDepend’s.

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