6 Steps to Improve Your Putting

A respectable golf putt is one where you can get your golf ball into the hole in the least amount of strokes possible. Improving your putting skills can really make all the difference when it comes to playing golf. Did you know that putting is two thirds of the game of golf? No wonder so many golf instructors stress the importance of developing this ability. To excel at golf you must have a good putt shot and swing. Making time to practice is something that should become a habit, you will find the results very worthwhile indeed.

Here are six steps to improving your putting—and your game!

  1. An important first step in improving your putting ability is to find a putter that you like and handles well for you. It is important that it is the right length, shape and weight. Your local golf shop will stock putters of varying sizes and weights. Try out a few of them and see which ones feel better in your hands. You won’t have any trouble in knowing when you are holding a comfortable putter in your hands.
  2. Read the green. Understanding the golf green is just one aspect of how to improve your golf putt. Learning to read the green means looking at the slopes on the green, making note of how long or short the grass is and what direction the wind is blowing in. When you become aware of these things you can then apply these factors into your shot. (Of course if you play at several different golf courses then you will notice that you play differently depending on the cosmetics of the green. The type of grass at each golf course can determine how fast or slow your golf ball performs.
  3. The secret to developing a good golf putt is one of practice! An easy way to do this is to start fairly close to the hole and when you are able to get the ball in the hole on a consistent basis to move back by one or two feet. Repeat this routine every day until you can drive the ball into the hole from eight feet out.
  4. It takes a good amount of concentration to make good putts regularly. A fun way to practice is to play other games that require a good level of concentration such as bowling or even playing pool. These two games can help you learn how to focus better, especially while being relaxed. This improvement will be a huge benefit when it comes to your next game of golf.
  5. When you practice putting try to monitor your swing, it should have a nice smooth action. A smooth swing will help you maintain control of your putter and your golf ball.
  6. Keep your head still. Moving your head too quickly by looking up is one mistake many golfers make. Instead of looking up as soon as your club hits the ball it is crucial to follow through with your shot. By doing this your swinging motion becomes longer and this allows the ball to reach further distances. If you can develop a good follow through habit you can feel confident that you are executing the putt shot correctly.

To improve your golf putt there is absolutely no need to make drastic changes to your putting style. Instead all you have to do is make a few simple changes and your putt will improve. As your golfing ability improves, your enjoyment of the game will too.