Golf Fitness in the Off Season – Recipe For Success!

Stay Fit For Golf in the Off Season

By Guest Author Dr. Bret Hoffer

As the weather changes or has changed in many parts of the country and here in Florida, although it never gets as cold as the Midwest, northeast, and northwest… for us it’s still a change in temperature and humidity which affects the muscular activity.

So anywhere you may be where the cold sets in, Golf Fitness and warm-up is vital to success for next season or if you still have the opportunity to play this time of the year.

So I offer you a few tips to get you motivated and tuned up for the winter and golf ready for next season.

1. Warm up is the most important no matter what your schedule is like. Even extending the amount of time you spend warming up is better. Since the climate is different, your muscles will take a little longer to get warm and loose. Dynamic warmups and flexibility will keep you limber and injury-free. Watch your calories: Studies show that in the winter months we tend to eat more and exercise less due to climate changes.

2. Make sure that you are staying with your routine of fitness as you did during the summer/spring golf season except you can allow yourself to push more weight and get sore with the training to build strength. It’s okay to be a little sore now unless you happen to be playing in a tournament or the like… just ease up on your training during the week of the competition.

3. Innately, all mammals and the physiology we’re born with automatically and psychologically wants to “hunt and gather” and store more fat for colder weather. So keep your summertime eating habits going throughout the winter but cut the calories by 300.

That’s it!

Stay fit and play often!


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