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Flexibility Training is Essential for Staying Injury Free and Improving Your Golf Game

Guest author: Kathy Ekdahl, Golf Fitness Expert

There is no doubt that proper fitness conditioning can dramatically improve your golf game and reduce your risk of injuries, but many golfers are confused as to where to begin.

There are many aspects of golf conditioning that require direction and advice from an experienced golf fitness instructor, but one of the easiest conditioning programs to begin on your own is flexibility training. Like all rotary sports, golf requires a tremendous joint range of motion and muscular elasticity to perform the proper, safe golf swing. Flexibility training addresses the motion of the joint, as well as improving the health and elasticity of the muscles that attach at the joints. Read more…

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Golf Fitness – Five Easy One Minute Golf Stretches For Duffers

Guest Author: Wayne Hudler

You already know that a golf stretching routine would help your swing and improve your scores. You are aware that you need to take the time to work on your body. I’m not here to nag. I just want to help.

The difference in how well you perform on the golf course will literally amaze you. Your ability to swing effortlessly, to stay mentally alert and in the round and your physical stamina will all be enhanced by applying an easy golf fitness program. Read More ….

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Golf Stretches – For Off-Season Fitness

By Guest Author Dr. Bret Hoffer

As the weather changes or has changed in many parts of the country and here in Florida, although it never gets as cold as the Midwest, northeast and northwest… for us it’s still a change in temperature and humidity which affects the muscular activity.

So anywhere you may be where the cold sets in, Golf Fitness and warm up is vital to success for next season or if you still have the opportunity to play this time of the year.

So I offer you a few tips to get you motivated and tuned up for the winter and golf ready for next season. Read more…

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