Aveo Golf Keeps The Big and Tall Golfer Looking Cool

Is there a “Big and Tall” Golfer in your circle? Help him stay cool on the golf course with the latest Aveo golf clothing designed especially for the “Big Guy.”  Aveo specializes in sports apparel for the big golfer, the tall golfer, and the big and tall golfer. Their tagline: Play Fearlessly!

Aveo Golf
Aveo Golf
 asked GolfGurls to review one of their latest Big and Tall Golf polo shirts for men. I handed the shirt off to a good friend who is a size 3X and asked him to wear the polo for a few rounds of golf and report back. He’s a fussy guy and I knew he always has trouble finding golf clothes that are both comfortable as well as good looking. If the Aveo polo passed his review, I knew it was a product I could recommend. He was a bit sketptical at first, having never reviewed a product before. But I assured him it was just a matter of answering a few questions… I would summarise his answers… He took the task very seriously…

The Review:

FAveo Big and Tall Poloirst, my guy loved the color. Red is not the easiest color to wear, but his attitude matched that of the Aveo founders, big guys Darius Hicks and Randy Peaches. The company’s mission is to help other big and tall golfers feel confident and empowered both on and off the course.

Second, my guy loved the fabric*. It is a high performance polyester blend which is highly breathable and easily wicks moisture. The shirt design easily fits a full chest and has side panels that help keep the big guy cool on a hot day.

Third, my guy loved the fit. He was able to stretch, swing, reach and move easily without any restriction. Even the neckline label was stitched into the fabric so there was no scratchy label to drive him crazy.

Fourth, my guy loved the wash and wear factor. With no shrinkage and color fast fabric, the shirt was in and out of the laundry in just a matter of hours, ready for another round of golf.

*Fabric… The only complaint my guy had was that the shirt had a tendency to catch on his chest hair. He’s got a lot of it! But the problem was easily solved when he wore the polo over a T Shirt. (I noticed that the models photographed on the Aveo Golf website are wearing T shirts as well, so it might just be a guy thing.)

Bottom Line: The shirt is a winner. If you have a big guy in your life or your golfing circle, the Aveo Golf shirt is a perfect fit. It’s designed by big guys for big guys! And they know how to do it right. For more information visit the Aveo Website.

Pat Mullaly
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– Pat Mullaly, Editor


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  1. Stephen says:

    I was wondering if this company was still in business?

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