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Tips for Choosing Golf Equipment Guest post from Graham Pratt

golf-clubs3_fullWhether you are a beginning golfer or have greatly decreased your handicap over the last year through constant play, you know that having the right equipment to suit your individual style is absolutely essential to experiencing an enjoyable day on the course. Fall short in your gear, and you’re bound to feel nothing but frustration: and that takes all the fun out the game, doesn’t it?

Here are some quick tips for choosing the golf equipment that’s absolutely perfect for you.

–Be realistic about your level of play. C’mon guys, we all wish we were Tiger Woods out there but chances are you’re not! Golf equipment manufacturers are careful to design specific clubs for specific skill levels. If you’re not sure which type might be the best to help you play your best and improve your game, be sure to consult a pro.

–You don’t have to spend a small fortune to get great equipment! Unless you are on tour, you simply don’t need to buy all the bells and whistles. Believe it or not, the quality of your game is NOT proportional to how much you spend on equipment! You want to stay in love with the game for as long as possible, but it will be a short-termed love affair indeed if you buy unnecessary stuff and overextend your budget.

–Research what the experts are saying: In addition to your local golf pro and all the “helpers” in the store where you shop, you should also get advice from impartial third parties who really know their stuff. Read golf magazines, spend time reading online articles by pros in the know: anything that will help you broaden your knowledge base and make wiser buying decisions.

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