Own Your Game: How to Use Your Mind to Play Winning Golf

Own Your Game –Dave Stockton with Matthew Rudy

This latest book from Golf Pro, Dave Stockton, is destined to be a best seller and will absolutely transform the way you think about golf.

If you’re like many golfers who want to improve, you spend hours at the driving range, hitting buckets of balls, taking one lesson after another, and buying every new club or gadget on the market. But you’re still looking for that “key to success.”

With years of experience on the PGA tour and as a teacher for some of the most successful golfers on the planet, Dave Stockton knows that the key to playing golf well, is in your head! not in your hands.

“The biggest missing piece… doesn’t have anything to do with mechanics or fundamentals. — It’s the mental component.” – Dave Stockton

Dave Stockton

In this small volume this master of golf instruction boils everything down to some very simple principles: Think clearly, play calmly, execute consistently and most importantly, enjoy the game.

Focus on each shot. Picture the shot in your mind before you hit. Pay attention and learn from each shot, whether it is good or poor. Strategize on every hole so that you play to your strengths, and believe in yourself. Stop all negative self-talk. …”negative self-talk isn’t a result of hitting bad shots. The negative self-talk is producing the bad shots!”

Stockton believes golfers need to stop obsessing about the mechanics and start thinking about and seeing actual shots. It’s not a matter of trying harder. That’s not the solution. Thinking better is.

With stories from his years on the golf course and on the practice range, Stockton offers some of the best advice I’ve read on how every golfer can improve his or her game. Add this volume to your library today! Now available at Amazon.com Own Your Game: How to Use Your Mind to Play Winning Golf

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Published by Gotham Books • March 2014 • Hardcover | eBook | Deluxe e-Edition with 16 videos.

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