Three Putters To Play With

What’s new in the world of putters?

A attended a recent PGA show and had a chance to try out new equipment. It’s held 45 minutes out of Orlando at the Orange County National Golf Club (Q School for players trying to join the Tour). I headed for the putting greens and discovered a couple of new putters you should check out.

Axis1 Putters

AXIS1 – Their tag line is “The putters that never turn on you.” Most putters have a tendency to “open up” during the stroke causing your putt to go off your target line. The AXIS1 is designed with the heel weight forward of the striking face, which puts the club’s center of gravity on the sweet spot. This eliminates the torque which causes the face of most putters to open up when you putt. It was named Best New Golf Product by and Best in Show by Sports Illustrated. There are two styles to choose from: the Axis1 Eagel, a classic blade putter and the Axis1 Umbra, a mallet style. I usually prefer a mallet style putter but I tried both. There is a definite difference in feel when you putt. It’s hard to describe but the weight distribution does keep the putter face square to the target line. If you have a tendency to arc your putts too much, you should definitely check out this new product. Axis1 putters are available online at their website ( and now at amazon: Axis1 Golf Axis1 Eagle Putters 34.0

RadiusRoll Putters – Back on the PGA Trade Show Floor the next day, I discovered another new putter, The RadiusRoll. If you have a tendency to jab at your putts causing them to hop or skid before the ball rolls, then this is a putter you might consider testing. These putters feature what the owner calls “PureStrike Instant Roll Technology.” The face of the putter is rounded just slightly – matching the exact radius of a golf ball. When the curved face of the putter hits the ball, there is an instant roll effect. No skips or skids. Watch the video below to see the difference.

I tried the putter out in their booth on the trade show floor and it does what they say it will do.

Callaway Putters – The Odyssey – On the third day I wandered over to the Callaway display. They took up an enormous amount of display space with the return launch of the Big Bertha Driver. (More on that in another post.) But I headed for the putting green Callaway had set up to demonstrate three new Odyssey Putters – The Tank2 Ball, The Jailbird and The Havok. (Interesting names for this line of really good putters.) I tried them all.

 Tank 2 Ball Putter Odyssey JailbirdOdyssey Havoc Putter

Each of these putters feels great and holds the line. But I have to admit I am prejudiced. I’ve played with an Odyssey 2 Ball for years and really like it. Of these three new putters, I favor the Tank2. It has an extended mallet head for more even weight distribution. It is heavier than a lot of putters, but I am used to the weight and it feels comfortable in my hands. The Jailbird design I found distracting, and though I putted well with it, I would not be able to use it or the Havok style putter, just because I’m not crazy about the looks. But that’s me.

When it comes to choosing a putter, a lot of it comes down to feel and aesthetics. The club has to feel right in your hands for your stroke, and you have to like the look of it. After all, you’re going to be standing over it, staring at the putter head at least 18 times in a round of golf. You want to feel comfortable and confident when you look down. For all the latest information on these and all their putters go to the Callaway Odyssey Putter website.

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