7 Tips For Golf Holidays in Australia

It’s mid September as this article is posted. As the seasons begin to change, and the days get shorter and cooler, those of us in the northern hemisphere might want to look towards the south for a great golf vacation. The weather is getting warm down south and the sunshine increases in length every day. In this guest post, author Marleen Clover shares some important travel information if your planning a golf trip “Down Under.”


There’s no better way to experience the aura of nature in all of its wonder while simultaneously filling your need for leisure time than playing golf. The land down under can offer you breathtaking spectacles and satisfying golf courses all in the same breath. Putting together your itinerary ahead of time will help you make the most of your golf vacation, and keep you from missing any opportunities to have a great time.

1 – Find the Right Place to Stay

Hotels near popular tourist attractions, such as the golf courses, are often full and rather expensive. Using another resource to look for alternatives, such as this one, can help you find something easier on your wallet and more convenient for a longer visit.

2 – Go at the Right Time of Year

The seasons are different across the hemisphere, and Australia is notoriously hot. Try to plan your vacation based around what the weather in Australia is going to be like. You’ll be spending a great deal of time outside on a golf holiday, so it’s best to arrange one where you won’t have to drop the club every few minutes to wipe the sweat from your brow. If you’re looking to beat the huge crowds and play in solitude, try to schedule your visit so that you’ll avoid the height of tourist activity.

10-150x1503 – Visit the Sandbelt

Melbourne’s Sandbelt boasts itself as the best golfing location in the world. While that’s a bold claim, many will swear that it’s not much of an exaggeration. The dense clay within the ground makes for expertly crafted courses, and perhaps that’s why there are so many golf clubs scattered around the region.

4 – Take a Golf Tour

If you’ve never taken a golf tour, you have no idea what you’re missing. Australia is big on golf tourism, and it’s possible to arrange a tour where you can visit a variety of courses around the area of the country you’ll be visiting. You’ll get a little taste of everything recommended by the experts and you won’t have to put too much thought into the process.

02-150x1505 – Read Reviews of Courses

If you’re curious about a course, research what other people are saying about it. To avoid feeling as though you’ve wasted money on your holiday, rule out courses that aren’t rated as highly as others. Going with safe bets is the best course of action for your wallet, and it will prevent you from wasting time on courses you won’t be too thrilled about.

6 – Take a Golf Lesson

Because Australia sees so much golf related tourism, this is an excellent place to connect with people who have a mastery of the sport. While you’re there, consider improving your skill with a professional level class. Whether you want to focus on one area in particular or you desire a better understanding of the sport from the ground up, you’ll be able to find classes at a number of Australia’s luxurious golf resorts.

7 – Research Golf Passes

You may be able to find package deals for playing multiple popular courses (e.g. see golfpassport.com.au). These generally involve a notable discount when bundled together. Besides being a great way to save some money, these bundles will also point you in the direction of the most beloved courses. Courses that aren’t generally preferred won’t be packaged together, or else no one would opt for the deal. You know all the courses involved are popular, and for good reasons.

Marleen Clover is part of the team at Timeo. When not working, she’s either enjoying a good read or having a great time at one of the golf courses in her local area.

Have you ever played golf in Australia? Pass on your best ideas and tips! Add a comment in the space below.