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Susan Kaffenburgh, LPGA, PGA Pro from Bayberry Golf Course, Cape Cod

  • Tips on how to find the best instructor
  • Clinics vs. one on one lessons
  • Best pre-round warmup drills
  • How to control your swing thoughts


Merry Holway, PGA Pro from Old Barnstable Fairgrounds & Hyannis Golf Club, Cape Cod

  • How do you build confidence in a new golfer?
  • If you only have 15 minutes before your round of golf, what’s the smartest thing to do?
  • If you give yourself more time before your round, what is the ideal practice drill?
  • What about the mental game of golf? How can you keep yourself focused on your game and still socialize with your partners?
  • What is the number one rule every golfer should know?
  • What about slow play and how do you advise golfers to play faster?
  • Finally, are there any special tools you recommend to improve a golfer’s game?

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