Golf Holidays in Turkey

Golf Holidays in Belek Antalya are hot!

Guest writer: Annabel Taylor

TurkeyThe popularity of Belek Antalya golf holidays keeps on increasing, with visitors from all over the world attracted to this paradise of a township seeking world-class golf. Throughout the year, corporate-sponsored golfing events and golf tournaments take place there. While it is sensible to book in advance, there are plenty of courses to choose from.

National (6,279m, 18 holes, par 72)
This 15-year-old golf course is definitely a classic. This is Belek’s oldest golf course and is perhaps, among the most traditional ones in the township. This little piece of heaven for golfers was delicately carved out of an established forest. This course is certainly not easy, but the challenge promises a major reward.

Carya Golf Club (6,147m, 18 holes, par 72)
Carya Golf Club is unique and special. From the first Tee, ragged white sand bunkers draw the golfer’s eye, They serve as a form of entertainment and challenge, throughout the course. Carya is Turkey’s first Heathland course where the sandy soil and the tops of the bunkers have acres of heather planted across them. The Carya course is truly wonderful and unique.

Montgomerie GC (5,862m, 18 holes, par 72)
This is another very good course in Belek that boasts a European design. Visiting golfers cannot help but feel the spaciousness of the course. Almost all of the pine forest has been cleared out to make room for the course. However, a little twist in Montgomerie is the fact that every hole has its own extra golfing dimension and shape due to how extensively “waste areas” have been used. This is a very enjoyable and playable course with a very large Clubhouse that is the size of an airport.

lykia-links-gc-01lsLykia Links Golf Club (6,316m, par 72)
This course is a stark contrast to most of the other courses that can be found in Belek. This true links course runs in and out of the dunes along the Mediterranean. Huge swirling bunkers are brought into play by the sea-breezes that are ever-present. The driving distance from Belek to Lykia Links is less than 20 minutes. The course is also home to a luxury hotel.

Cornelia (Faldo) Golf Course (5,969m, 18 holes, par 72)
This course has 3 loops of 9 holes each, some of which are tight, while others are very tight. When standing at the Tees, the views offered can be quite daunting, and visiting golfers will be forced into playing safe because there is no other option. Golfers of all abilities from tour pro to the weekend warrior face an unrelenting challenge. Playing from the forward Tees is recommended.

The Bottom Line: In a short period of time, the popularity of Belek has increased remarkably. Want to play some fabulous golf? Enjoy your next golf holiday in Belek. Apply for a Turkey Visa, pack your clubs, and book your flight to Antalya.

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