Your Best Protection from Nasty Summer UV SunRays

How do you protect your skin from harmful UV Sunrays?

I already have the start of a “farmer’s tan” on my arms. Only played about three times this spring. But the sun’s UV rays are getting more intense each year, and only a few weeks into this year’s golf season, I can see that my arms are already beginning to darken.  I have sunscreen I could lather on my arms and hands… but I find it makes a bit of a mess. Last summer I discovered UV sleeves! I’d seen them on a lot of the LPGA player, especially those from Asian countries. I wasn’t sure they would do the trick but I was willing to try them out.

I went online and did a search for UV Protective Clothing. There are a lot of products from which to choose. It all depends on what you’re looking for and your budget.

First purchase: Elixir Golf Sun Protection Arm Cooling Sleeve-1 Pair, White

With a 4 star rating from over 1,000 customers, they are available in nearly a dozen colors. Cost under $12. I bought a couple of pair last summer and they served me well. But! and it was a big “but!” the elasticized opening at the top of the sleeve was a little uncomfortable for me. I have big arms and this particular sleeve comes in a “one size fits all” sizing. If you have thin arms you should have no trouble. Once on, the sleeves stay up, don’t slip down, are comfortable and allow you to swing the golf club without restriction.

This year, I decided to move to an Anti-UV Cooling Shawl. 

It’s the same product as the Cooling Sleeves, but the sleeves are part of a shawl that goes around your shoulders and stays put. No elastic to tighten around arms! You simply slip your arms into the sleeves and wear the shawl under your golf shirt. I bought two, one whte and one blue!

This shawl style is available in a variety of colors and prints and at different price points. I purchased my shawl from Shenzhen MingHua. It is well constructed and very comfortable. The fabric does feel like a second skin and is made from 95% Ice Cotton and 5% Spandex.

If you want to prevent sun damage, and stay cool even on the warmest days, consider buying a pair of UV Sleeves or a Shawl. You can add some flair to your fashion too!

Available online for both men and women.

How do you protect yourself from UV rays when you bike, walk, golf or play under the sun? Add your comment in the space below.


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  1. Isabella says:

    I got a pair of Nike arm covers, they work really well, run small though
    also looking into getting a glove for my right hand

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