Rain! How to Practice Your Golf Game Indoors

No golf today. I am sick and tired of this rotten weather we are having here in the northeast. It was a relatively mild winter if you only count the depth of snow we got. But the cold, wet and raw weather just won’t let up. Spring tournaments are about to get underway. Are you ready for the season? If you’ve been stuck indoors with little chance to get out and practice, here are three ways you can practice indoors and get your body in gear for golf.

1. Yoga! – It doesn’t require a lot of space to stretch out and loosen those muscles, and very little equipment. There are dozens of videos online or CDs you can purchase – some specifically targeting golfers. Set aside a few minutes each day and begin practicing. If you are consistent you will quickly notice improvement, not only in your swing, but in your attitude and overall health. Check out the book “Getting Golf Ready” for specific exercises. (See ad in the sidebar.) And visit my friend Nancy Boyle’s “Yoga for Boomers and Beyond” on youtube.

2. Putting Practice – if you’ve got the space, set up a spot for putting practice. Putting Mats can help you focus on getting your speed and distance correct.

The ProAdvanced Profinity Putting Mat is getting great reviews. It’s a pad with graphics to help you analyze your alignment and accleration with the Stroke Guide. I’ve watched this in action, and it really works. Gives great feedback and is a fun way to compete against yourself or a partner.

Putt-A-Bout Grassroots Par Three Putting Green
This best-seller is 9 feet x 3 feet and features three practice cup cutouts and built insand traps! The pad rolls out easily and is designed with a padded incline to give a more realistic feel to your putts.

3. Swing Training: There are a lot of swing training gadgets and gizmos on the market today. Two that I have tested and think are worth recommending:

MISIG – The Most Important Stretch In Golf  If your suffer from poor shoulder rotation like I do, this is one device that will help you. As you practice with it, you’ll feel the stretch as it dramatically increases the degrees of your back swing. And it helps you develop a better, more consistent swing plane.

Orange Whip I wrote about this gadget in a previous post. The Whip is designed to help you workout and warm up beforer a round of golf. The shaft is flexible and weighted to simulate an athletic swing. Swing over and over to develop your own tempo and balanced swing for consistent shots on the golf course.

Do you have a favorite gizmo you use when the weather is poor and you’re inching to play golf? Add your comment in the space below.

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