The Best Golf Training Device I’ve Found

Want to improve your golf swing?

Orange Whip TrainerRecently at our club membership meeting, Ed of Golf For Less in Hyannis, MA demonstrated a product he believes to be the best golf training device on the market: The Orange Whip Trainer. It’s an odd looking device, with a long handle similar to a golf club, weighted on one end and with a large bright orange ball stuck on the other. The idea is to practice swinging the device, letting the whip set the tempo, teaching your muscles the proper way to your natural swing. For me, the bit about “your natural swing” was the key to convincing me to try the Orange Whip Trainer for myself.

Everyone I play with has their own unique golf swing. Some swing high, some low, one woman I play with looks like she is about to crush a baseball! It looks strange to me but works for her. She’s got a handicap near single digits, so who am I to criticize.

What about the Medicus club?

I’ve tried the Medicus club to try and cure my awkward swing—the only thing I got was a blood blister when the hinge crushed my finger. One local pro here on the Cape put it best. “The Medicus is great if your natural swing is exactly the same as the one devised by the engineers at Medicus. But the swing of most golfers doesn’t come close. And to force your swing to match someone else’s is counter productive and won’t improve your game. You have to find your own swing and stick with it.”

She has used the Orange Whip Trainer and agreed it really is a great device. So, I bought one and am beginning to use it to improve my strength, my swing tempo and my flexibility. We shall see if that translates to the golf course. Will let you know.

If you are on the Cape, you can purchase the Orange Whip Trainer at Golf Fore Less. Or you can purchase the whip directly from their website. Cost is just about $100.

In the meantime, here is a video that demonstrates the Orange Whip Trainer.

If you have tried this device yourself, let us know what you think about it. Did training with it improve your game?
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