The New Big Bertha Driver from Callaway

If you are in the market for a new golf driver, you might consider Callaway’s new Big Bertha. This is a totally redesigned club with the familiar name, Big Bertha – one of Callaway’s all time winners.

It was introduced at the 2014 PGA Show in Orlando. Callaway ad execs decided in order to emphasize how powerful this new driver is, — they drove an Army Tank onto the show floor. Too cool for ice. For more information on this and the entire Callaway line of golf clubs visit the Callaway website.

  2 comments for “The New Big Bertha Driver from Callaway

  1. Tamara Urick says:

    I broke my Golf Girl 5 iron taking a normal swing the club snapped in the center of the club face
    While the shaft remained intact
    Would this be a warranty issue and replaceable
    Please respond
    Tamara Urick

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