5 Golf Gadgets Guaranteed to Help Improve Your Game

Every golfer I know is looking for a way to improve his or her golf game and manufacturers of golf equipment are constantly introducing new clubs, new balls, and new gadgets that promise to meet that need.

Some gadgets like the Drink Caddy Driver (a drink dispenser that’s disguised as a golf club) are just for fun, some are downright crazy (the Exploding Golf Ball comes to mind), but a few are really worth your time and money.

Here are 5 Golf Gadgets I’ve discovered that are worth checking out:

birdieball1. Birdie Ball – Don’t have time to hit the driving range every night after work? The Birdie Ball is designed to help you perfect your swing right in your own backyard. It’s a small plastic tube, but hits and flies like a real golf ball, giving you the feedback you need for consistent ball flight.

31oMl5mXEiL._SL250_2. Putter Wheel – This is a great training tool to help keep your putts straight and on target. It’s a weird looking slice of a golf ball, edged with dark red trim. Practice your stroke just as you would on a regular golf ball. If you miss hit the Putter Wheel will wobble and curve. Make a good stroke and the Putter Wheel will roll smoothly without any wobble and you will not see any red trim. It’s great for warm ups before a round. It comes with an alignment template so you can apply two parallel lines to your own golf ball for practice putting.

golfbuddyGolf Buddy – Want to know how far you are from the center of the green? This simple GPS device is so easy to use! Just clip it to your cap or bag, turn it on and wait for the satellite hookup to find you and identify the golf course you are playing. Then just touch the button and Golf Buddy will talk to you and let you know exactly how far it is from where you stand to the green. You can set it for front, back or center of the green and set it to let you know the distance of your drive. This popular golf gadget has been around for a couple of years and the latest version has lots of new features. Everyone I play with has one clipped to their cap or wears the “watch-style” version.

31LfOiBuFAL._SL250_Mully Retractable Golf Towel – Ever play on a wet fairway right after they’ve mowed? Your club will be covered with loose grass and leaves. You can wipe it off with your golf glove. A towel would be a lot smarter, but most golf towels are too big to haul around and more often than not it’s hanging on your bag or golf cart twenty feet away when you need it most. This handy little towel clips right onto your belt and is ready to help you clean up a muddy golf ball or club. It’s small, light and retractable. Available in a variety of colors.

tin-cup ball markerTin-Cup Golf Ball Marker – Ever hit the wrong golf ball during a round of golf? It’s easy to do as so many balls have similar markings. That problem can be a thing of the past with the Tin-Cup Golf Ball Marker. Pick your personal symbol, choose a color marker and put a unique mark on your golf ball using a Tin-Cup golf marker template. There are dozens of symbols to choose from. Once your ball is marked with your unique symbol, you’ll never hit the wrong ball again, and neither will anyone else!

Got a favorite golf gadget that’s helped your game? Or one you consider a total waste of money and would never recommend? Share your ideas in the comment space below.

  2 comments for “5 Golf Gadgets Guaranteed to Help Improve Your Game

  1. Jay says:

    I love all of the technological advancements we are seeing in the game of golf. I recently purchased a gps watch and absolutely love it. I have never been so dialed in with my distances. It has definitely helped me shave a few strokes.

    • Golf Gurls Admin says:

      GPS units are great as long as they don’t distract you or take up so much time to adjust, that you slow the game down. I use the GolfBuddy GPS unit as there is nothing to even look at. Push a tiny button on the unit and it talks to you! Couldn’t be simpler.

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