Best New Golf Gadget Ever!

I was just sent the best new golf gadget ever – to review! It’s the DRINK CADDY DRIVER.

Drink Driver CaddyHere in the northeast where I play golf at least twice—three times a week in the summer, staying well hydrated is important. It gets hot out there pushing my golf cart around the steep hills of my home course, Hyannis Golf Club. By the time I get to the top of the fourth hole, I’m usually sweating bullets and my bottled water is almost empty. Unfortunately the club doesn’t send around a beverage cart and there is only one water vending machine! So every golfer needs to pack their golf cart with whatever they want to drink before heading out.

The Drink Caddy Driver is a great addition. It’s easy to set up, easy to use, and best of all it’s invisible!!!!

Here’s what I mean: The Drink Caddy Driver is a drink dispenser that’s disguised as a golf driver! The insulated cooler easily stores inside a pocket on your bag or hangs securely from your golf cart. The battery powered pump easily delivers “your favorite beverage” up a hose and into what appears to be the head of a golf club. Push the little button in the center of the club head, and a drink is served!!!

Yes, it’s a great gag gift but is actually quite practical. The insulated container keeps beverages either hot or cold for a full 5 hour round of golf. So it’s coolers in the summer, or hot toddy’s in the cold winter weather.

My Bottom line: This is a fun way to pack your beverages. And although the manufacturer suggests you might be able to hang it on your golf bag, the weight of the liquid (up to a full 1.5 liters) makes using the Drink Caddy Driver impractical if you are carrying or pushing a golf cart. It works best if you hang it off the bag rack at the back of a golf cart.

Drink Caddy PutterAlso available is the Drink Caddy Putter (holds 38 oz) The Drink Caddy Putter is an automatic beverage dispenser that feature a putter club head, and like the Drink Caddy Driver, a battery operated pump dispenses your favorite hot or cold beverage at the touch of a button. The insulated cooler fits conveniently in the larger pocket of any golf bag

With either product, you’ll never be dry on the course again!


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