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Drills for the Driving Range

golf driving range

3 Drills You Can Do On The Driving Range That Actually Work From Guest author: Francesco Diomaiuta We’ve all done it, 30 minutes range session, a basket of balls, and a Driver in hand. Hitting one shot after the other, wondering why we’re not improving at the game. I have taught countless amateur golfers how…

6 Steps to A Better Golf Swing

I took myself out to the driving range yesterday to hit a bucket of balls. I was just fitted for a new set of Callaway irons and I wanted to try them out. It was a bit of a disaster. For whatever reason, I could not hit any one of my golf clubs correctly. Slice, hook, worm-burner – every swing had a problem. So I began to break my swing down into simple steps. That way I could focus on each step and determine what the heck was going wrong.