Stylish Golf Protection…

with the ScrunchWear Visor

As the summer golf season gets underway here on Cape Cod, it’s important for women golfers — all golfers—to think of protection from the sun’s harmful rays.

I’ve got sunscreen not only on my shelf, but in my golf bag, and use it liberally every time I play. I have also purchased those “sun sleeves” you see many golfers wear to keep my arms protected from harmful UV rays. (I caught a small patch of melanoma last season and had it removed before it could do any serious harm.

And, like so many golfers, I wear a golf visor.

Recently I was asked to review a new product: The ScrunchWear Visor. I asked some fellow golfers to wear the visor and share some feedback.

There are dozens of visors and caps on the market, but the biggest plus to choosing this visor is in the name: ScrunchWear!

  • Unlike many visors that are stiff and awkward to pack in your golf bag, this visor easily rolls to fit in your pocket or bag. The brim is “mid-size” – 3-3/4″ deep, covered in fabric with a perspiration wicking band that keeps the sweat off your face
  • The headband has a Velcro closure and easily fits any head size (From one reviewer: “Having the Velcro closure is a big plus and the narrow binding that goes around the head is good too.” – J.C.)
  • The brim is soft enough to not bind or cause a headache (ever wear one of those tight visors that you just want to rip off by the fourth hole?) AND The brim is stiff enough to easily hold your ball marker and a GolfBuddy GPS unit – a great help when calculating distance to the green…
  • The visor rolls up to fit in the palm of your hand
  • Made in the USA

The visor is available in two shades of blue, red, black, and white. Now available at a great price.

For more information or to order a visor for yourself or one for everyone in your league, visit the ScrunchVisor website.