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small vs large head driver

Guest post from the creator of GolfArise.

If you are a beginner at golf then you must have heard the age-old debate of a small head driver vs a big head driver. The general idea is that with a larger club, you will get more distance than by using a smaller one. Distance is one of the defining features in a golf club but there are more factors that need to be considered as well.

Have you had a hard time choosing the best club for yourself? Then this article is for you as you’ll get a detailed specification of various golf clubs that you can use for improving your game.

Big Head Driver:
The larger the club, the more ball speed will you be able to generate. Using a 460cc driver, you can get a lot of distance rather than using a small one. But the feel of the driver is not generally better in the larger head, implying that bigger isn’t necessarily better here. One really good thing about using a big club is that it has a massive sweet spot which will a drastic help if you are a beginner.

Benefits: There are a lot of players in the game that feel more confident when using a big head driver. To put it plainly, the chances of missing are decreased exponentially. As the head of the driver is large, there are very few chances of missing the shot. You have a high chance of perfectly hitting the ball as the clubhead is large.

Drawbacks: One drawback of using a large driver is that it will be a bit more challenging to get it through the air. Bigger head drivers are clunkier to use. The size of the head makes all the difference when swinging a golf club. There is another opinion that is quite popular among some golfers: using a driver with a large head, makes the transition from hybrids to woods more difficult. A beginner might find it difficult to use a large-headed driver at first but will find success after just a little practice.

Small Head Driver:
These are the drivers that people have been using for years now. They come with a classic shape that a traditional golfer will be more comfortable using. A lot of expert golfers recommend this head driver much more frequently. Some just prefer the look and feel of small head drivers.

The most obvious benefit of using a small head driver is the appealing look and comfort that it brings with it. As it comes in a more compact package, a lot of golfers still prefer it. If you want a club that is easier and faster to swing then you will also lean towards a smaller club. As the head of the club is smaller, it can travel much faster thus allowing you to swing more easily. The lightweight nature helps in better swinging power as well.

With more speed, you get more distance. In reality, you can get a lot of distance even with a small club but you have to make sure that you are hitting right in the center of the ball. Even if there is little off-center shot, you will lose a lot of distance.

There is very little room for error when using a small head driver. As the head is very small, you don’t get that much forgiveness. So, you need to be accurate with your shots. This is especially true for beginners as they tend to hit a lot of off-center shots. Mostly, the problem lies with the beginners, otherwise it’s not lacking in the performance department. The other drawback is that as most of the companies have shifted towards the more popular 460cc size, it is hard to find a small head driver.

Swing Speed: Swing speed is a very important factor and it determines how far will the ball go upon impact. A big head driver will provide you with more forgiveness but it will also be difficult to swing faster due to the heavy head. A small head driver on the other hand won’t provide you with a lot of forgiveness but it will be easier to swing. Your swing speed will be much faster on a small driver so you will get a lot of distance out of it.
Shaft Flex: Determining the right shaft flex is important. Choosing the right shaft flex depends upon your swing speed. By using a big head driver, your swing speed will be lower, so you would use a Regular shaft flex. While on a small driver, you should always prefer a Stiff or an X Stiff shaftflex. The X Stiff shaft flex is what’s being used by most professionals. So, depending upon the driver being used, you also need to change your shaft flex.
Club Weight: The weight of the club is affected a lot by the driver’s head. If the driver has a small head, then it will be very lightweight and much easier to control. On the other hand, a driver with a big head is going to add a lot of weight to the club. Your swing speed is reduced and in terms of handling, it is a bit uncomforting. So, if you want a lightweight club then go for a small driver. Otherwise, if you lean more towards added forgiveness, a big driver will suit you well.
Distance & Accuracy: It is always a bit easier to get more distance out of a big head driver as there is a huge sweet spot. With a bigger sweet spot, even if you miss the center, you will get a lot of distance. Generally, this is not the case with a smaller club. The same is the case with accuracy as a bigger club will help you in being more accurate. If you are an experienced player, then you might find a small driver to be the best.

Why Use a Large Head Driver?
You should use a large head driver only if you want the extra forgiveness that comes with a bigger head. It will also allow covering more yards than a small head driver. If you want to cover the most distance, a 460cc driver should be your choice on the pro level.

Why Use a Small Head Driver?
If you want a driver that is a bit easier to use and provides a really good hand feel, then a small head driver is the one for you. If you are struggling with generating a lot of swing speed, then a small driver will help you in that regard. Due to its smaller size, you will be able to swing it much faster.

Both options are optimal for golfers, but if you want more out of your performance, you’ll have to gauge your level of expertise. If you are a beginner then you should go for a big head driver as it will help you a lot due to the added forgiveness. You can also cover a lot of distance with a big driver. At the same time, a small head driver can appeal to you due to its ease of use and compact size. Both of them have their benefits as well as drawbacks. So, use the one that you feel is the best for you.

Guest author bio:
My name is Wesley Keen, avid golfer and creator of Golfarise, a golf product review website.