12 Best Snacks To Pack For Golf

What are the best snacks to pack for golf?

When it comes to making the best snacks to pack for golf, I’m likely to grab a chocolate bar or a bag of chips to eat at the turn. By the 10th hole in an 18 hole round of golf, I’m starting to feel hungry, especially if I’m walking the fairways, pushing my golf cart up and down the hills of my home course. But neither really satisfies. When nutritionist Cate Ritter wrote asking if she could submit the following guest article I was happy to oblige. She has some great ideas for the best snacks to pack for golf.

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Set-Up For Snacking Success

Healthy snacks provide energy and nutrients needed to keep your brain and body fueled for a long day on the links. Snacks are also helpful for preventing post-round overeating. Most golfers have experienced the hazards of 19th hole hunger as we’ve packed our plates with BBQ sauce slathered meats and fried foods, while guzzling glasses of sugary cocktail concoctions. The good news is, you can spare your belly and save your round by learning what snacks to pack.

Choose More Whole Foods  Although many golfers grab quick and convenient snacks for the course, such as a granola bar or chocolate-covered pretzels, those insulin-spiking, processed products can actually leave you hungrier than before. Take the first step to snack with success by choosing more natural, whole foods over man-made, processed, products. For example, opt for an apple and walnuts over a granola bar or pack a banana with dark chocolate and almond butter instead of a Snickers. Also, make it a habit to always read labels and, although it might be obvious, avoid foods containing words you can’t pronounce.

Enjoy Balanced “Mini Meals”  Next, make more birdies by balancing out carbohydrates with high quality protein and natural fat whenever possible. Natural fats, such as avocado, walnuts and almond butter, are especially helpful for providing sustainable energy, reducing sugar cravings, and increasing satiation. In other words, playing your best is not about going “low-fat,” but selecting healthy fats that keep your energy high so you can focus on shooting low.

Be Proactive: Plan & Pack  Lastly, it’s important to plan snacks ahead of time. Waiting to find food until you’re “starving” on the 6th hole is right on target for making poor nutrition decisions. Be proactive by preparing some of the suggestions below before your tee time or opt for healthier snack shack selections.

12 Quick Snacks Suggestions

  1. Almond butter with sliced apple or celery sticks
  2. Chocolate protein shake with shredded coconut, banana and spinach
  3. Leftover chicken dipped in hummus with baby carrots
  4. Hard-cooked eggs with guacamole and cherry tomatoes
  5. Ham with sliced cheese and green apple
  6. Beef/buffalo jerky with walnuts and a banana (Try US Wellness Meats for grass-fed beef jerky and Tanka for buffalo jerky.)
  7. Organic cottage cheese with raspberries and sliced peaches
  8. Leftover meatballs with avocado and orange slices
  9. Organic yogurt with cinnamon, berries and slivered almonds
  10. Sprouted cinnamon raisin bread with organic peanut butter and banana slices
  11. Sliced turkey rolled with alfalfa sprouts and avocado
  12. Mary’s Gone Crackers with sliced cheese and olives

5 Snack Shack Selections

  1. Sausage with a couple slices of cheese and an apple
  2. Jerky with a mini bag of nuts and a banana
  3. Tuna with tomato and avocado on a slice of sourdough bread
  4. Lettuce-wrapped beef/turkey with tomato and mustard
  5. Chicken salad 1/2 sandwich on sourdough bread

Smart Snacker Checklist  My snacks are…

  •   Whole foods or contain minimal ingredients that I can pronounce.
  •   Balanced with carbohydrates, protein and fat.
  •   Colorful and delicious.

Cate Ritter, NutritionistCate Ritter, Guest Author: Cate Ritter’s road to nutrition was literally born on the links. A top ranked Northern California Junior and standout collegiate athlete, Cate speaks the player’s language, clearly understanding the unique demands of both competitive and recreational players. Her business, Cate’s Nutrition Kitchen, offers nutrition consulting for corporations and individuals looking to feel better and reach their potential through better health. In addition, Cate’s influence is an integral component to the nutrition-based strategies featured in the golf performance and lifestyle company, “Make The Turn.” For more information visit catesnutrition.com

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What do you pack in your golf bag? Add your comments/suggestions below…

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  1. Rian
    May 24, 2013 at 12:00 pm

    Mine is egg salad sandwich on whole wheat. We tee it up really early and my stomach is not awake at 7AM. I cut the sandwich in quarters and nibble on it a piece at a time. It lasts the whole round and keeps hunger away.

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