What Do You Do When You’re Not Playing Golf In Ireland?

Dublin Tour BusIt’s the fifth day of our golf trip in Ireland, — a day off from the game we love, and time to play tourist and do a little exploring. As we only had the one day, our hosts, LIz Hurley and Chantal McCabe, suggested a bus tour of Dublin so we could be sure to get in all the major sights. It was the best suggestion. Taking the red “Hop-On Hop-Off” buses we were able to take in all the highlights including Trinity College and the famous Book of Kells, and of course the Guiness BreweryGuiness Brewery was an essential stop off point. Dublin is very cosmopolitan and on a Saturday, the streets were crowded with shoppers and visitors. I truly admire the bus drivers who manage the traffic and turn on the smallest streets.

To celebrate we spent the evening at Johnnie Fox’s, “The Highest Pub in Ireland.” Set high in the Dublin mountains on the border of Wicklow, this pub (established 1798) has gained a reputation for it’s historical charm, great music, great food and great atmosphere. This Saturday they were holding a “Hooley Night” of entertainment, complete with Irish step dancers. Noreen at Hooley NightAt one point the dancers searched the audience for volunteers to join them on stage, and Noreen was right there! (Actually Liz Hurley had set it up that Noreen would “volunteer” and so she joined in the fun, and received a certificate as an official “Hooley Night Dancer,” for her efforts. All in good fun and a great time.

We still have two days of golf ahead of us. Much to share later.

  3 comments for “What Do You Do When You’re Not Playing Golf In Ireland?

  1. Emma Fahn
    May 15, 2011 at 7:30 pm

    What a hoot and a hooley you’re having! Glad all is fun and going well!

  2. Daffyhill
    May 15, 2011 at 6:05 pm

    All sounds top o’ the morning…and the evening…and everything in between. How many balls have ye lost so far?

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