Golf Books For Beginners and Business

You meet the most interesting people at the PGA Golf Show. Debbie Watson of Golf for Cause and Joyce Friel of Peak Performance are two women who are super enthusiastic about golf and are focused on getting more women involved in the game. Each has a new book out.

Deb just published a great book for the beginning golfer. Do you have a friend or daughter who is interested in the game but might be shy about starting? This book is a perfect gift.

Joyce Friel is an expert on developing leadership skills for men and women in the world of business. If you play golf to help with your business and networking, her book, TIPS, is filled with practical advice you can use on or off the golf course.
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Get Your Golf OnGet Your Golf On

Author: Debbie Waitkus

For all those women who want to play golf, but are perhaps too intimidated to start, Get Your Golf On! demystifies the game from tee to green to the 19th hole. You’ll learn:

  • How to get started, including wardrobe and equipment
  • Etiquette and basic rules, even how to drive a golf cart and read a scorecard!
  • How to take your game, even as a beginner, to the golf course
  • Common golf terminology
  • How others got into the game and how golf will enrich your life, too!

Debbie WaitkusDebbie Waitkus: A business‐golf expert, Debbie helps individuals and organizations use golf to achieve their goals ‐Turn Golf Into Gold! ® President of Golf for Cause, Co‐Founder of the National Women’s Golf Alliance and Past‐President of Women in the Golf Industry, she donates a portion of the proceeds of each book to the Marilynn Smith Scholarship Fund, helping young women to play competitive golf in college.

Click on the title to get your copy: Get Your Golf On

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TIPS: Techniques, Ideas, Possibilities and Solutions for Leaders

Author: Joyce Friel

“>TIPS by Joyce FrielJoyce Friel has been successfully developing leaders and facilitating the development of organizations since 1980.

Joyce FrielFollowing 30 years as a successful Organizational Development specialist with two Fortune 500 corporations, she opened her own practice in 2001. Her clients include both large and small profit and non¬profit organizations throughout the US and Canada.

Joyce is a contributing author to Six Sigma: The First Ninety Days published by Prentice‐Hall in 2006 and is a guest writer for Ask the Experts column of The Arizona Republic. Click on the book title below to purchase this publication.

Tips: Techniques, Ideas, Possibilities and Solutions for Leaders

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Joyce and Debbie have joined with two additional authors* for a special event this month: If you are anywhere near Arizona this November 20th, stop by the Adobe Grill at the Arizona Biltmore Golf Club in Phoenix for a book signing event – 4-6 pm. and let them know sent you!

* Change Your Focus, Change Your Outlook by Silver Rose
Silver Rose has been writing about the Law of Attraction for over a decade. In this of her highly‐acclaimed blogs, collection she teaches us how to attract a more fulfilling and satisfying life by focusing on three key areas: attitude, possibility and perspective.

* Outrageous, Courageous and Highly Contagious by Susan Brooks
This leadership storybook is a provocative fun‐read for people who are ready to ignite Life in themselves and others. You’ll see why the Outrageous, Courageous, and Highly Contagious get noticed. They ride the cycles and seasons of life in living color, beyond financial reversals and marketplace challenges. It is their Service Enthusiasm that is celebrated in this book. Their story will inspire your own.

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Read a good golf book lately? Add your ideas in the comment box below.

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  1. Joyce Friel says:

    Check out the Parallells Between Golf and Business in TIPS: Techniques, Ideas, Possibilities and Solutions for Leaders. If you are an entrepreneurial leader you need TIPS.

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