5 Steps to Hit A Fade Shot in Golf

You’re on the fairway, setting up for your second shot. Facing you is a dogleg to the right. The green is somewhere off in the distance and you need to get around some trees that are growing just on the right edge of the golf course. You could hit a short iron to the point where the fairway begins to turn, but that would add a stroke to your golf score. The better choice is to hit a fade shot that starts off straight, but then bends to the right, around those trees and onto the fairway closer to the green.

Here are 5 simple steps to hitting that fade shot. (These steps are for right-handed golfers, reverse the directions if you are left-handed.)

  1. Line up as you usually do with your standard alignment and grip.
  2. Pick out a target.
  3. Aim your feet just about 10 – 15 degrees to the left of your target.
  4. Align your clubface directly at the target. This will cause the club face to open. (How much you open the face can be adjusted – practice will tell you the proper angle for different degrees of fade.)
  5. Swing the golf club as you usually do. The ball should start off straight and slowly fade to the right.

That’s all there is to it. It takes practice to make this shot a part of your golf game arsenal. Be careful not to try and force the direction of the ball. You will end up with a slice that heads for the trees and most likely, an unplayable lie.

Test your swing and set up at the practice range first, then, after building confidence, try it on the golf course.

May every hole be a birdie.

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