Advice From A Golf Pro – He’ll Fix Your Slice In Five Swings Or He’ll Buy Your Clubs!

I recently spoke with Golf Pro Scott Seifferlein of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Scott brings a unique perspective to golf instruction. Having struggled as a mid to high handicapper in his early years of playing, he has a particular empathy for today’s amateur golfer. Determined to learn the game, Scott worked hard to become a Certified PGA Director of Instruction and today hundreds of his students are playing better golf because of his dedication. Even celebrity Donald Trump praises his advice! (While holding the top instructor position at Middle Bay Country Club, Scott was featured in Donald Trump’s Book, The Best Golf Advice I Ever Received.)

Scott is a regular guest on golf radio talk shows in the midwest and was fortunate to talk Scott into some serious golf conversation. In this first of several podcasts we will be posting, Scott explains a bit about his “Stop Slicing Guarantee” and explains his Lazy Man’s Golf Instruction method. Using video Scott can analyze your golf swing, even at a distance. Check out his website and listen to this podcast for more details. (Use the Firefox browser if you want to download a copy for yourself.)

Scott explains in more detail his philosophy about golf in his YouTube video:

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