Two Essentials To Consider When Buying New Golf Clubs

When should you start buying new golf clubs? Seems like an easy enough question and the answer should be pretty obvious: You buy a new golf club when you need one!

But how do you know you need one? Here are two stories that illustrate the point.

My friend Glenna has been playing with a set of Ping irons (5-9) she bought a few years ago. They all came with graphite shafts and she plays well with them. But she also had a pitching wedge and sand wedge in her bag that were from an older set. These had steel shafts. And although her short game had always been Joanne’s strength, playing with clubs with different shafts started to affect her game. The steel shafts were heavier and harder to control.

Three new wedges.

Three wedges add control and options to your short game.

She finally decided to replace the two steel shaft wedges with three new wedges, each with a different loft (56 degree sand wedge, 52 degree gap wedge and a new 42 degree pitching wedge). Having three wedges instead of the usual two gives her additional options in her short game, and her confidence is back. She’s taken an average of 3 strokes off her game since she bought the new wedges.

Glenna needed to bring more consistency and options to her game and buying new clubs did just that.

TaylorMade 6 Hybrid

TaylorMade 6 Hybrid

My game has been on a bit of a see-saw this season. High score, low score, then high score again. I’ve been keeping track of what’s working and what’s not working using my Golf Journal. And I’ve discovered the weakness in my game is in my poor choice of clubs when I’m just a little over 100 yards off the green. I have a gap in my bag!!! My 7 iron can’t get there and my 5 iron goes too long. The magic number that is missing is a 6. And because I haven’t been playing well with my irons, I bought a TaylorMade 6 Hybrid. This is a great club for me. It is easy to hit, and it goes the distance. I filled the gap in my bag and my scores have started to go back down.

So lesson learned. When should you buy a new golf club? If your game is beginning to suffer, take notes on what’s not working for you. Are your clubs consistent? They don’t all have to be from the same manufacturer. It’s likely you’ll be mixing and adding new clubs over time. Be sure the shafts are the same, and also check the grips.

Winn DriTac Grip

Winn DriTac Grip

I’m having my clubs re-gripped this week with Winn Dri-Tac Grips. I have a whole mix of different grips on my clubs right now. Some are small, some midsize, some soft and some hard. I’m going to try to improve the consistency of my game by regripping all my clubs with the same material. Then I’ll have no excuse!!! I’ll let you know how it goes.

➡ Do you have clubs with different shafts? Different grips? When is it time for you to upgrade your clubs? If you did upgrade recently, did it improve your game or was it just a waste of money? Add your comment in the space below.

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