Day 2: Playing Nullarbor Links — The Longest Golf Course In The World

Advice for Playing Nullabor Links: the longest golf course in the world.

Tiffany Mika, the lady golf teacher, has just returned from her grand golf adventure playing one of the most unusual golf courses on the planet. After a long Day 1 at Nullarbor Links  I asked Tiffany about the course: How difficult it was, accomodations and the pace of play. With a course that stretches 850 miles across the Australian landscape you figure slow play wouldn’t be a problem. But you never know. Watch her video for Day 2.

Tiffany MikaFrom Tiffany: “We played the first 6 holes in the first day. And yes the pace of play is up to you really. You can take as long as you like, as you are driving to the next hole which could be anything from 13km to 180 plus kilometres (3 to 112 miles) to the next hole. So you can really take as long as you like there is no time frame. We did it in 3 days because we had a time frame. But as I said there is no time limit.

No such thing as the speed of play on this course LOL. It’s all up to you.

There are some interesting sites to see, so if you want to take extra time staying at the one location it is all up to you.

We only encountered two groups of people during our trip…they played behind us. But both the groups had their own caravans (we call them the Grey Nomads here). The retired people who have their own caravan and travel around doing their own thing. So they were not in a hurry at all.

There are roadhouses along the way where you can stay and that is what we did along the trip. The holes are played at the Roadhouses but knowing now where to stay I can recommend where to go. It is really amazing!!!

Now that she’s had the Nullarbor experience, Tiffany is considering organizing a trip for women golfers. “It is a great way to experience golf in the outback.”

Are you interested? Has the thought of playing golf on one of the most unusual golf courses in the world got you excited? Send me a quick note via email to Or contact Tiffany at

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