Can A Diet of Carrots Really Improve Your Golf Swing?

Ladies Golf Tips: Carrots Can Improve Your Golf GameCarrots are not my favorite vegetable. But if a diet of carrots can help my golf game, I’m all for it. I usually grab an apple or one of those nutrition bars before I head out the door for a round of golf. But in this guest article, Derek Lear has some good diet tips you might want to follow before your next trip to the golf course.

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Is Your Golf Diet Holding You Back?

By Derek Lear

As every golfer is undoubtedly looking for a way to enhance their game, and there is one that is quite simple and is often an over looked way to increase your nutrition for golf. And that way is changing the foods you eat. By taking notice to the foods you eat before and after each time you take the course could easily boost your game up to the next level, and also better your golf diet.

Playing a quality round of 18 holes requires a lot of time, endurance and energy. The average round is four or five hours long so not only is it important eat before you play but it is equally important to have some snack foods handy during your round. So here I would like to share with you four great snack foods that can not only be easily be stored in your golf bag, but they are also great for you on and off the links.

Now can you think of four better foods to have with you other than carrots, walnuts, celery, and tomatoes? Each food holds its own purpose for keeping your body on par for your entire round. If you don’t really care for any of the foods I have listed, please feel free to swap out any you see fit, but try to make sure the foods you swap hold some nutritional value to your golf diet.

Carrots are widely known to enhance your eye sight. Now your probably not going to turn into Tiger Woods on the course but carrots will aid you none the less. Carrots help blood flow to the eyes which in turn will help you read the greens during those tricky putts, assist your vision on gauging your distance from the pin, and also help you read the flight of your ball.

Another really helpful snack food on the golf course that improves focus, and brain functions is walnuts. Walnuts are filled with protein, fiber, vitamins B, & E, and antioxidants. Nuts in general also contain mono-saturated fats, which are omega 3 fatty acids, and they are the good fats for your body that can help lower your cholesterol.

Golfing during a hot day can very quickly dehydrate you, and weaken your bones by retrieving stored sodium from them. And that is where celery steps in. Celery contains mostly water and sodium, so this will help keep your hydrated, and also keep your bones strong and powerful throughout the whole round.

Tomatoes are a food that is best eaten before your round but can also just as easily be eaten during. Eating tomatoes before your round helps the body increase the blood flow to your heart. With this increased blood flow, your body is able to increase its endurance, which allows you to repeat your swing and have an overall more productive, and fun time on the golf course.

I want you all to keep in mind none of these foods are a replacement for plenty of water while you are golfing. Staying hydrated while you play is the best way to keep your round of golf the best it possibly can be, and also keep your nutrition for golf on par.

Having the proper nutrition for golf is just as important has having the proper clubs for a bunker shot. Knowing what foods can help you out on the course can give you a major advantage over your fellow players.

Golf nutrition is very often overlooked, but can easily be fixed by a short stop at your local grocery store. Wanna know 4 great snacks that fit inside your golf bag, and can also lift your game?

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