Do you know your real size in a golf shoe?

“70% of golfers wear the wrong-sized shoe!”

Whether you walk or ride the golf course, you want your feet to be comfortable through every hole. But especially if you walk 18 holes you want the most comfortable golf shoes on your feet that money can buy.

Gallivanter Golf Shoes for Women
Women’s Cap Toe Gallivanter from G/FORE

I’ve tried many brands over the years and been impressed with most. But there are a few that never fit well, and a couple brands that felt like I was playing golf in slippers. I don’t think the brand made the difference. It’s not the style, or the color of the shoe, or even spikes or no spikes. After reading Martin Kaufmann’s article on How to pick the shoes that (really) fit your every golfing need, I know it’s all about the fit and choosing the right size for your foot!

Read his article before you go shopping! Your feet will be happier for it!

Add your advice in the comment area below. How do you buy your golf shoes? What’s more important? Comfort or style?

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