Essential Golf Advice: Pre-Round Practice, How To Avoid Slow Play, and the Number One Golf Rule You Should Know

Advice from a professional.

Merry Holway, PGA ProfessionalI recently sat down with PGA Professional, Merry Holway of Olde Barnstable Fairgrounds Golf Course and Hyannis Golf Course in Hyannis, Massachusetts to get her perspective on the game of golf, and advice for the amateur golfers who play the game. We covered a lot of topics. You can listen to the entire interview, or just the out-takes that interest you.

  • How do you build confidence in a new golfer?
  • If you only have 15 minutes before your round of golf, what’s the smartest thing to do?
  • If you give yourself more time before your round, what is the ideal practice drill?
  • What about the mental game of golf? How can you keep yourself focused on your game and still socialize with your partners?
  • What is the number one rule every golfer should know?
  • What about slow play and how do you advise golfers to play faster?
  • Finally, are there any special tools you recommend to improve a golfer’s game?

This short 20 minute podcast answers all these questions. Great advice for every amateur golfer, whether a beginner or someone looking to improve! And who isn’t?

Click here to listen to the entire podcast. (Use the Firefox browser to download a copy of the podcast.)

If you prefer to listen to the shorter out-takes, click on one of the links below.

  • Basic Rules you recommend every golfer should know.
  • Slow Play – how to avoid it on the golf course.

  1 comment for “Essential Golf Advice: Pre-Round Practice, How To Avoid Slow Play, and the Number One Golf Rule You Should Know

  1. Pk2 says:

    Great podcast on the basic rule… totally true. It’s really important to be aware of other players. Played the other day with a woman who was totally clueless, and she wasn’t a beginner. No fun when people don’t know or care what’s happening. She constantly left her clubs behind or played ahead of others even though she was closer to the hole. Drove us all crazy. Somebody needs to tell her what’s what.

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