Etiquette Every Golfer (Newbie or Experienced… ) Should Follow

Golf is a game that is steeped in tradition and has a strict code of etiquette. If you have been golfing for years, these suggestions may seem obvious, but for someone new to the game it’s good to review them once in a while. Here are some general rules to follow while playing golf: (Author’s note: your local club may have different rules than those listed below. If there is a conflict, I suggest you follow the local rules.)

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  1. Dress appropriately: Wear proper golf attire that is comfortable and respectful. Avoid wearing jeans, t-shirts, tank tops, or anything too revealing.
  2. Respect the course: Repair your divots, replace your ball marks, and rake bunkers. Don’t damage the course or leave litter behind.
  3. Be punctual: Arrive at least 15-20 minutes before your tee time to allow for check-in and warm-up.
  4. Follow the rules: Play by the rules of golf and follow the instructions of the course marshal.
  5. Be considerate: Be aware of other players on the course and avoid making excessive noise or distractions.
  6. Be safe: Don’t swing your club when other players are within striking distance, and yell “fore” if you hit a wayward shot.
  7. Be honest: Keep an accurate score and don’t cheat or take mulligans without agreement with your playing partners.
  8. Show sportsmanship: Congratulate your playing partners on good shots, and show respect for your opponents and the game itself.

By following these general rules of golf etiquette, you will help to maintain the integrity of the game and ensure that everyone has an enjoyable and respectful experience on the course.

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