The New Golf Ball Distance Rule Explained?

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Currently, there is a lot of talk surrounding the new golf ball distance rule. Here is one attempt to make it a little less confusing:

In 2020, the USGA and R&A, the organizations responsible for governing the rules of golf, introduced a new rule that limits the distance a golf ball can travel for certain players.

Under the new rule, players with a handicap of 3 or lower, as well as professional golfers, will be subject to a “local rule” that limits the distance their golf ball can travel off the tee. The rule essentially places a cap on the amount of distance a golf ball can travel, based on its initial velocity.

The exact distance limit will be determined by individual golf courses and will vary depending on the layout and design of the course. The limit will be based on a formula that takes into account the length of the hole, the elevation changes, and other factors that affect ball flight.

The purpose of the new rule is to address concerns that modern golf equipment is allowing players to hit the ball farther than ever before, making some courses obsolete and changing the nature of the game. By limiting the distance the ball can travel, the USGA and R&A hope to restore some of the skill and strategy required to play the game at the highest level.

Do you agree with the new rule as outlined here? I am not an elite golfer and the rule will never effect my play… but it will certainly have an impact on my enjoyment of the game when I watch the top golfers play in upcoming tournaments.