FAQ’s About Golf Swing Instruction

A guest post from amateur golfer, Charlie Parsons, writer for The Left Rough

Should I do online lessons or in-person coaching?
In a virtual, post-pandemic world this is a great question. Ideally, I would always suggest an in-person coaching session if possible. While online coaching is a good alternative, I think it is hard to get the same type of results as in-person.

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When you‚ are in person, you can work 1:1 with your coach to make the necessary changes. It is easier to have them guide you through the changes you need to make instead of telling you via video. Sometimes, it is hard to feel the change when you‚ are only working via messaging and video.

It’s also a lot easier to retain what you learn when it’s in-person coaching as well. I think the best coaching is in-person with video highlights, learnings, and drills that get sent out after. This way you can review what you learned and keep grinding in between sessions.

Are golf lessons worth it?

Yes, I believe they are 100% if you find the right one for your swing, budget, and goals. Golf lessons with a pro can help you learn more about your swing and practice with purpose.

What makes a good golf instructor?

Personally, I think a good golf instructor is someone who works with your natural swing.

I hate it when I see coaches who make you change everything about your swing seemingly overnight. This is usually a disaster and leads you leaving more confused than when you arrived.

During your trial lesson, I think it’s a great idea to have a conversation about your swing, goals, and biggest issues to address. You want to find a coach who will help you with a single issue at a time so you can make changes. You don’t want to try and fix 2-3 things at once and not be able to play very well between lessons.

The final thing that I think makes a good instructor is someone who you know has your back. You can usually feel this energy in the trial lesson and see how passionate they are about the game and helping fellow players improve.

A regular golfer, husband, and overall handyman around the house, Charlie Parsons can be often found trimming the grass in his backyard — mostly owed to the belief that every terrain he stumbles upon can be turned into a fun golf course.

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