Get Smart for Better Golf This Season

Guest article from Personal Trainer, Wellness Coach, Kathy Ekdahl

Core training has been a buzz word for decades, but many people are still not optimizing their core training due to outdated exercises or a limited understanding of what the function of our “Core” is and when and how we use it ( trick question- our core is involved in everything!).

When it comes to golf, core strength is essential for a powerful and safe swing. During the golf swing, your core muscles, especially your anterior core (aka abdominals), do many different functions. As you plan your core training, you should thus incorporate exercises that enhance the core muscles as they are used in golf.  And while golf has very high-level needs for a strong core, your every day life will also greatly benefit from a wide variety of core exercises.

What is Your Core?

Your core muscles are all the muscles that attach to and stabilize the spine and pelvis (especially your lumbar spine-your center of gravity), so that your arms and legs can move around your torso during the functional movements of life. Your core also supports some of the organs of the torso and creates essential intra-abdominal pressure to act as a supportive girdle to protect your spine. Your diaphragm and pelvic floor muscles are also your core! Thus, your core muscles include all of the abdominals, deep and surface, the glute muscles and hip muscles, and many of the muscles along the back of the body. Your “core” is not just your abdominals.

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