GHIN and Lucky Golf Shoes

Golf season is just getting started here on Cape Cod and it’s time to start the drill of posting those dreadful early season scores on the website. Those of you who travel south for the winter won’t understand the pain I feel… You’re lucky enough to keep playing your favorite sport through the coldest months, while we in the north have to contend with wind, snow, ice and closed golf courses.

I haven’t played a full round of golf since last November though I did take a few swings at a local indoor facility which helped. But since our local golf course opened last week I’ve only played two, short 9 hole rounds and did not play well either time. (I guess that’s to be expected. I still have high hopes and if I am really serious about my new golf fitness drills, I should get better before too long.)

Foot Joy Golf Shoes

My lucky shoes!

Even so, it’s now early April and here in Massachusetts the GHIN gods require you to post your scores again. As of April 1, every golf round must be posted. Yikes. It’s going to take at least a few weeks before my game comes back… the price of living in an off season golf world.

As for my lucky shoes? I attended an EWGA (Executive Women’s Golf Association event last week, bought just one ticket for their prize lottery of golf equipment… and I won a new pair of Foot Joy golf shoes and (small miracle) they were exactly my size! Lucky shoes! I needed them as last year’s shoes were really falling apart. It was more than time to buy a new pair. So the golf gods were smiling!

If only they would pay more attention to my putting now, I’d be a happy camper.

What’s your strategy as we start a new golf season? Have you been playing all through the winter? How long does it take your game to come back? Add your comments and advice in the space below. Love to get a tip or two. 🙂  

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