This Golf Glove Really Performs

In the dozen or so years I’ve been playing golf, I’ve worn a lot of golf gloves. Most of them are the inexpensive kind you pick up at the pro shop just before a round when you’ve discovered your old glove is falling apart. I never thought it made much of a difference to my golf game which glove I wore, until I started to feel small twinges of pain in my fingers. One day I turned the golf club a certain way, my hand got all twisted up and I strained some muscles and joints. Yikes!

That’s when I went in search of a better golf glove and found it: BionicsGloves.

The Bionic glove is designed by an orthopedic hand specialist who really understands how the hand works. They are not stamped out of a generalized template. These gloves are built to fit and support the joints, fingers, and palm of the wearer.

Here is a bit of info from the BionicGlove website:


Designed by a leading orthopedic hand specialist, Bionic technology is totally unique in the marketplace. There is nothing like it. The difference is found in the design based on the anatomy of the hand and the science of ergonomics.


THE ANATOMY The hand has natural peaks and valleys determined by the bones in the hand. The high points of the bone rub against tools and equipment and cause blisters, calluses and hand fatigue.

THE ERGONOMIC SOLUTION Strategically-placed pads on the glove eliminate the peaks and valleys and even the surface of the hand.

THE ADVANTAGE Bionic improves grip strength, without the need to grip harder, and reduces hand fatigue. Plus, friction causing blisters and calluses is virtually eliminated.

There are many different styles of golf gloves to choose from depending on your needs. Made from Premium Cabretta Leather every glove improves your grip on the golf club preventing the club from twisting on impact.

RelieftGrip BionicGlovesI purchased a pair of Women’s ReliefGripgloves. They are designed for arthritic hands and although I don’t have a lot of pain when I play golf, the gloves really offer comfort and flexibility support. I have a friend who purchased both right and left hands of the ReliefGrip™ gloves. She has arthritis in both hands and was ready to give up golf until she discovered BionicGloves. She wears Bionics every time she plays without complaint.

Bottom Line: If you are looking for a comfortable, supportive golf glove that gives great performance, the line of BionicsGolf is the first place you should look.

Where to Buy: A little pricier than other gloves the BionicGloves are available in better golf club pro shops, retail stores and online. Cost range from $14.99 to $29.99 depending on style.

Click to purchase Bionic Women’s ReliefGrip Golf Glove (Medium, Left Hand)

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