Golf Affirmations: Sometimes You Need Some Cosmic Karma

Each time I go out to play a round of golf, I have great expectations that this round will be my best ever. I have high hopes and the best of intentions. Yesterday was one of those days. I got up early and planned to get to the golf course in plenty of time to warm up with a small bucket of balls and some time on the putting green. But my best laid plans went awry when a family crisis interfered. I left the house late and just made it in time to meet my team on the first tee. No practice swings, no stretching, no putting green routine. Just right to the red tees and off we went.

Needless to say it took about three holes and several triple bogeys till I began to settle down and play as if I was focused on what I was doing. My final score reflected my distraction.

There are times when I need more than simple intentions. I need to get my head straight before I play, and I just don’t always have the time. To help focus my mind, even in a subconscious way, I’ve developed a short affirmation video. Watching this two minute slide show each morning sends an unconscious mind set to my brain which hopefully will give me the Karmic “Kick” I need.

. . . . .

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