Golf is A Mental Game In More Ways Than One!

“They” say that the game of golf is 90% Mental and 10% Physical. I agree. If your mind is not in the game, your body might as well be two towns over. Guest author, David M. MacKenzie offers some great insites. He suggests you use your imagination to visualize the shot: “Develop a routine of hitting a complete variety including fades, draws, low and high shots.”

In future posts, will give you tips on how to hit those special shots. Stay tuned.

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The Power of Visualization – Do You See Yourself Becoming a Very Good Golfer?

Guest author: David M MacKenzie

In life, we generally become, or “live into” what we visualize for ourselves in the future. The same happens in golf. If we focus on what we don’t want to happen in the future, we have a tendency to fulfill that image. Since the body responds far greater to images than it does to words, positive visualization becomes a key factor in our success in golf.

For example, imagine yourself standing on the tee with out of bounds on one side of the fairway. If you let your focus become more on not hitting it out of bounds, than on your target and the shot you WANT to hit, you will invariably produce the shot you fear. Such thinking causes the body to try and steer the ball away from the danger, resulting in a bad swing and the ball going exactly where you didn’t want it to.

We need to learn how to replace these negative images with positive ones. The focus always needs to be on a precise target with a desired shot shape.

A good practice regime involving visualization and feel exercises (which you can find in my audio teaching the Golf State of Mind), will teach you how to you can eliminate focus on negative outcomes and synchronize your body and mind with a clearly defined positive goal.

On the driving range, get into the habit of using your imagination and visualizing shots before you hit them. Develop a routine of hitting a complete variety including fades, draws, low and high shots. This will not only increase your awareness and feel for those shots, but it will get you into the habit of positively visualizing shots before you hit them.

The first step towards better golf is improving your state of mind for golf. It’s really the only thing holding you back. I’m convinced that whatever your handicap, you have the ability to become completely absorbed in a positive process for every shot and live into your future as a very good golfer.

David MacKenzie is a mental game golf coach to both professional and amateur goflers. You can learn more about his mental game teaching by visiting

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