Should You Take Golf Lessons?

GolfGurls PodcastSome golfers swear that in order to improve at the game of golf you must take golf lessons. Other golfers, even very good golfers suggest the very opposite. Practice is all you need to get better.

The truth is somewhere in between. In this short audio podcast we present some of the pros and cons for each side of the argument.

Listen here or download the podcast to listen later. (It is also available as a free download on iTunes. Just search for GolfGurls in the iTunes Podcast Store.)

If you are thinking of taking lessons, but don’t know an instructor, visit the website of your local golf club, Find an LPGA Teacher website or go to the Play Golf America website and look for a professional instructor in your area.

What do you think? Are lessons the answer to improve your game? Add your comment in the space below.

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